Build Your Legacy Guide E Book

Use Our Guide & save thousands of dollars planning your estate & final wishes

Our User Friendly, All Encompassing E-Book Allows You To Electronically Document Your Important Information & Expectations So Your Family Will Know What You Want, And How To Handle Your Now, Then, & After".
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  • Your Pet Needs It
    Without a plan your furry friends could end up in a shelter or worse
  • Without It. They Fight.
    Keep your kids, siblings, and spouse from fighting and the frustration of not understanding your wishes.
  • Make Sure Your Spouse Knows
    Let your partner know all the things you do & how to take care of it when you're gone.
  • Do it for yourself
    Don't let someone else decide how you will be remembered. You deserve so much more.

Our Worksheets organize your vital information, avoiding expensive omissions & mistakes.

  • Eliminate hours of attorney fees gaining access to your personal information

  • Provide a roadmap for your care and support, avoiding payments for items covered by insurances & warranties

  • Cancel automatic payments and withdrawals in a timely manner

  • Leave a clear path for your wishes to be followed & communicated to your family

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What Is Included

Yes, We Thought Of Everything

Who Uses Our Ebook

  • 30% of Americans will need someone to care for them before they pass away
  • 70% Americans over 75 will need someone to care for them before they pass away.
  • 60% of caregivers will predecease their patient
  • 58% of Americans do NOT have a Will, most people don’t update their Wills!
  • 22% of retirees are “overwhelmed or paralyzed” in their financial situations
  • 61% of American spouses do NOT participate in household finances
  • We are living longer with a reduced quality of life, the number of people living longer will double in the next 15 years, but with increased diminished capabilities (meaning more support)
  • Assisted Living and Long-Term Care in a professional environment will cost $ 84,000 or more per year
  • 79% of Middle-Income Baby Boomers have NO SAVINGS for Long-Term Care and additional 7% have less than $ 10,000 Saved
  • Healthcare expenses are the largest single cause of senior bankruptcy


Minimal Computer Skills Needed
(Word & Excel Functionality)

24/7 Customer Support

Compatible with PC, Mac, Nook,
Kindle, Android, and iPhone

Take Immediate Control Of Your Life & Wishes

Empower yourself with digital records of everything important in your life, also in printable format for ease of use

Make sure your family members know your wishes and expectations

Be certain that you, your loved ones, and your pets are taken care of

An Incredible Tool For Difficult Family Talks

Be in control when discussing your wishes, financials, and expectations with Caregivers

Take the stress, confusion, and miscommunication out of the conversation

Give your caregiver and/or family a complete guide to your life and legacy

Stop The Family Fighting Before It Starts

Family can't argue over "what to do" when you've taken care of it

Let family mourn your passing without the burden of piecing together your wishes

Many families fall apart after the parents are gone. Don't let that happen to yours

Most Importantly...

Have a communication plan for your family, clearly outlining your wishes and expectations. None of us have control of tomorrow, but by having developed your Legacy and communicating it with your family, removes the added stress and chaos that occurs from a tragic event or the loss of a loved one.

Your Family Needs This

We Provide All The Tools You Need


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