Do you share control and management of your finances?

Life changing events fall into two categories, those you can control and those you can’t!

In over 60% of American households, only one person manages and controls the finances for the family. If a life changing event does occur, the spouse has limited understanding and capability to step in to manage their affairs. Facing confusion, chaos, and grief is not the time to be trying to figure everything out! Especially, when you are taking on the additional duties as a care provider. Without proper preparation and organization, these new tasks become overwhelming! Sometimes even paralyzing! This just increases you and your family’s stress and forces uninformed decisions and costly mistakes! This can even delay taking the appropriate action necessary, or not taking any action at all. 

Do not delay in having the most important conversation of your life about your care and expectations. Discuss and plan what is most important to you and your family. These are the discussions we all avoid but are most important to reaching true peace and comfort for all your life’s efforts.

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