Does anyone know your medical history?

As we age, we become comfortable with the changes in our lives, and how we maintain the best possible quality of life, leading to complacency.

We have regular checkups, our favorite doctors, required medications, therapies, etc. While we know what these important components of our life are, we often do not share all these details with our loved ones. In the case of a life changing event, someone must step in with full knowledge of our needs. Having a current record of your medications, your doctors, your medical history, allergies, genetic tendencies, and special notes is critical. Simple omissions of a thyroid medicine not being administered can be life threatening. 

It is important to have readily available this updated information should an unexpected medical emergency event occur! You and your loved one should share this information, and make it the cornerstone of preparation for any life event that would occur. Sharing this information insures the best possible outcome and peace of mind! Knowing your wishes and desires will be followed as communicated.

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