How can I plan for help when my kids live far away?

When an uncontrollable life changing event, like a car accident or health emergency occurs we all react to the immediate needs of the person requiring care.

Get them to the best medical care as soon as possible. What is the second question that immediately follows? What type of medical insurance do you have? As you age, you find that medical insurance coverage becomes more complex and requires multiple coverages. Do you have this organized in such a way to best support your needs, and does your family know what it is or how to find it? Without a clear communication plan, you will end up with a full spectrum of different outcomes? Limited or refused care, incorrect billing, many hours of time spent trying fix after the fact, collections agencies, or even bankruptcy in the worst cases. With the cost of health care skyrocketing for decades, the last 18 months of life results in 80% or more of all the expenses you incur during your lifetime. Don’t leave your loved ones, trying to figure out this complex nightmare while they are trying to provide your best possible care.

Having this information organized and readily available for your caregivers and providers allows them to concentrate on the emergency and not stressing on the what and where to get this important information.

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