Expert Edition – Build Your Legacy Guide C


You Get All 25 Sections Of Our Guide & Over 170 Electronic Workbook Templates!

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You Get: 25 Sections & 178 Workbook Templates!

Sections Include: My Care, My Medical Insurance, My Immediate Family, My Pets, My Critical Contact,s My Income Sources, My Investments, My Physical Assets, My Licensed Vehicles, My Care Planning, My Home Contents and Collections, My Assets Covered by Warranties and Extended Warranties, My Secure Storage, My Legal Documents, My Life Legal Documents, My Taxes, My Personal Property & Liability Insurance(s), My Life Insurance(s), My Contracted (Secure) Debt, My Consumer (Unsecured – Credit Card) Debt, My Monthly Expenses, My Automatic Payments and Withdrawals, My Digital Devices, My Digital Footprint, My Wishes