"This comprehensive guide organizes your personal files into one place. It also gives a feeling of inner peace, knowing your wishes will hopefully be honored upon passing. Whether you are young, middle aged or older, this guide is designed to be changed and updated as needed. It provides one with control and organization to alleviate any guesswork. "

Dr. Bernice Klaben, PhD, CCC-SLP, BRS-S, Fulbright Scholar

“Lynn and Dale have literally thought of EVERYTHING when creating this book. It made us realize how unprepared we would be if something would ever happen to one of our parents, and how unprepared our own children would be if something happened to us. We're thankful to have found such a wonderful resource to share with our parents and children. It is a must read and must do!”

Kelli & Rick O'Connell - Educational Professional and Entertainment Industry Executive

“Dale and Lynn Maloney are Subject Matter Experts on financial freedom and personal legacy. As experienced Dave Ramsey’s facilitators and financial coaches to many over the years, they carry unique expertise in the discipline of Christian stewardship. Matt and I know the Maloneys and personally as a couple who sat under their ministry counsel and we endorse this abundant resource. The information offered here is found nowhere else in the entirety, integrity, and volume you will enjoy in this Guide. No household should be without! Thank you, Dale, and Lynn Maloney, for this important resource!”

Erin Campbell - Water Through the Word Ministries

“Having this guide to use as you prepare your instructions and wishes to leave behind has turned it into a simple task anyone can do. It’s a very loving thing to do for your loved ones!”

Peggy Dorrmann - Real Estate Investor and Property Manager

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